Hands-Free is the LAW in Ontario. It is Deadly Dangerous to Drive while
using/operating hand-held mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Let ExotiCARe help you focus on driving safely by going totally hands free.

  • Solutions to fit any need or budget
  • Products for Cell Phones, GPS Navigation, Satellite Radio, iPod and other devices.
  • Customized Audio & Video installations.
  • In Dash Camera DVR Recorders
  • Also OEM and or Integrated Bluetooth solutions for Porsche, Bentley, Maserati,
    Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and other high-end vehicles.
  • We also install Remote starters, Reversing Sensors and Back-up and Rear view cameras, Blind Spot Detection systems
  • All your in-car technology installations

ExotiCARe is your one-stop service provider for all of your specialized automotive needs and customization.

We are conveniently located in (Toronto) North York at the Downsview Park Complex.
We have flexible hours to meet your needs, including weekends and weeknights.

We also install the following:

GPS Navigation Radios Backup Camera Systems Parking Sensors
Remote Starters Heated Seats HID Xenon Kits
Subwoofer Boxes Satellite Radio XM/Sirius In Dash Camera and DVR

FBGoHandsFree is now on FaceBook!Check our page for install pics!

Motorola IHF 1000
Bluetooth In-Car Kit
Motorola T605 Bluetooth & Music Hands-Free In-Car System Parrot CK3200 Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit with Color Screen Parrot CK3100 Blue Tooth Hands Free Car Kit with LCD Display Parrot Minikit Slim/Chic - Sun Visor Hands-Free Kit Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit