McLaren P1 Supercar custom floor mats

ExotiCARe is proud to announce the Bespoke Custom aftermarket Floor mats available for the McLaren P1 Supercar.

With our first sets just completed – we have designed some extremely unique mats for the P1.

Hybrid Carbon and leather weather resistant surfaces.. Exact fit including OEM fastening system

Please email us directly for further information on customizing your set or to configure a custom set.

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Custom Floor mats for Exotic and Luxury cars by ExotiCARe

ExotiCARe is now making custom floor mats for all makes and models. Specializing in Exotic & Luxury car models.
We have unique floor mats utilizing Alcantara, Leather, Carbon fiber and stainless steel in our floor mats. All weather floor mats, show mats, daily use floor mats.
Our most popular models are floor mats for Ferrari 458 Italia and 16M Scuderia. Audi R8, and McLaren MP4 12C. Our new Ford GT Carbon Edition floor mats are extremely unique.
Feel free to email our concierge in the floor mats section to see ecamples of our floor mats – or for photo examples.

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Exoticare launches 4th – Online Stores

Proud to announce that I have just launched the 4th online store.

Exoticare has the Ford GT Accessories store, MP4Parts.com for McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458 Italia parts, and the regular ExotiCARE bespoke accessory store.

Quite the collection! Stay tuned to the site for some very special upcoming products!

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Project VRBOTEN – GTR in Brushed Steel

Recently turned a rather regular looking but super-fast GTR into one mean looking machine!
Nissan Skyline GTR wrapped in BLACK Brushed Steel.

Another flawless job by ExotiCARe!

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ExotiCARe’s – 2012 R8 Titan Edition Phase One

We took delivery of a clients brand new 2012 R8 V-10 last week.

Some very special plans for this beast!

We immediately had the car tinted and began on Phase One. The car is to be wrapped in Brushed Steel Film. A brand new finish available.

Unbelievable results that make this car look wilder than it is! The car is Jaw dropping!

Check out the Facebook gallery at how the transition began.

Phase Two coming soon!



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Gallardo Refresh @ ExotiCARe

Just finished up bringing an 07′ Gallardo up to par with some new paint, tints, calipers, and custom floor mats.

Lots of special winter projects are coming down the line.


Stay tuned to this page for updates!

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ExotiCARe visits with First Lamborghini Aventador in Canada

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Canada’s first 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

What an amazing machine! All new design, all new interior and exterior. The most aggressive re-design from Lamborghini in years!

Got up close and personal with this machine just hours before delivery to a local VIP client.

I’ve taken some measurements and design ideas away for some upcoming products in the next month for this vehicle.

A few items such as custom floor mats, and a few carbon fiber pieces in the pipeline.

Check out the gallery on facebook and have a first hand peek at this special car!

We have some local clients taking deliveries of more of these in the next months, so stay tuned to the site for updates!


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ExotiCARe’s New website is online!

Welcome to the completely redesigned ExotiCARe website!

New enhancements include compatibility in all browsers, including mobile/tablet.

Updated galleries and Blogs, where you can check back for new developments, news and photos!

We’ve linked Facebook, Twitter, and You-Tube! So stay tuned for updates.

Lot of projects are booked for the fall with some very exclusive cars and products.

Bookmark the new ExotiCARe site and watch for updates!!


Pre Production Ferrari FF

FF Loaded on trailer

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