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About ExotiCARe

ExotiCARe is a one-stop shop for taking care of all the needs of your luxury vehicle. Think of it, as your personal, automotive concierge. At your service!

Andrew, owner/founder of ExotiCARe, is your reliable go-to-and-get-it-done guy. He knows the “what” and the “where” of all the latest, trendiest and technically most appropriate aftermarket accessories. He also knows how to get them installed professionally, with the care and quality that your car deserves.

Developed over the years, Andrew has turned a once part-time job into a full-time, successful business. Years ago, having started as a detailer for Mom’s and Pop’s cars (1993), his business grew to servicing more and more high-end, luxury vehicles and exotic/vintage car collections. Over the past 3 years, demand for aftermarket outfitting of luxury/exotic vehicles has grown significantly in the Toronto area. In order to service his growing and discerning clientele, Andrew has set up shop in the North York area.

ExotiCARe helps clients with solutions for just about any type of modification and/or upgrading. Projects range from simple wheel and tire combinations, to elaborate, “bespoke”, custom-made changes, where customers get a chance to have an automobile equipped to their specifications and preferences.

Andrew, a resourceful and highly motivated entrepreneur, has the highest regard for quality and perfection. He works only with the best and most experienced trades people and installers. His right-hand man, Dave B., is an audio/video/vehicle electronics genius with 20 years experience. He has an electrical engineering background and he is ExotiCARe’s in-house MacGyver. William, ExotiCARe’s in-house interior trim specialist, has over 30 years experience in interior trim, restoration and design.

ExotiCARe is also partnering with some of the finest automotive aftermarket suppliers from all over the world, such as Germany, England and the USA, just to mention a few.

This is how the Modified Luxury and Exotics Magazine (June 2006) wrote about Andrew:

“Andrew, founder of ExotiCARe, is very enthusiastic about all of his projects because he has made a business out of doing what he spends his free time on anyways. The well-spoken 30 year old entrepreneur has a client list reading like the Fortune 500 of the region and is always busy.”

The ExotiCARe portfolio of projects speaks for itself. Beyond servicing the automotive industry, ExotiCARe is also moving into new areas of modifications for pleasure-crafts, golf-carts, boats, and helicopters.

In addition, ExotiCARe specializes in being a useful resource to its customers.
Have any automotive related question regarding, transporting, sales, modifications, general problem solving? Just ask Andrew. With his industry connections almost nothing, automotive related is beyond him.

ExotiCARe doesn’t just take care of your cars. Its your full-service, full-time, automotive concierge. At your service!

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